Gennady Gatsura "THE RUSSIAN CHRONICLES". The real history of the collapse and fall of the communist empire ...
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GENNADY GATSURA is the member of Moscow writers' organization. He is the author and founder of this website "The MOSCOW WRITERS".

Gennady Gatsura is the author of over two dozen books. His novels and short stories were printed in Lithuanian , Latvian and Russian publishing houses. "The script" by G. Gatsura was published in "New Russian word" (USA). Some of his works were translated into English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Lithuanian, Latvian and other languages.
Frequently the author himself illustrates his books. His illustrations can be fond on "Hobbies" page.

G. Gatsura graduated from All Union Cinematography Institute as a scriptwriter. His teacher was Valentin Ezhov, who wrote the scripts for such famous films as " A Soldier Ballad" and "The White sun of desert ".

The list of the most interesting editions is given below. By clicking on the name, you can read some of Gatsura's fiction.

"Galeon Gold"; (Lithuania, 1985);
"Poseidon's Revenge", - an ecological Triller; (Lithuania, 1986)
"Death in a mirror labyrinth", (Lithuania, 1990);
"Another Marsian invasion", (Lithuania, 1991);
"Resort mafia", (Lithuania, Russia, 1991);
"Script", (New Russian word, USA; Moscow, "The Man and law", 1993);
"Resort mafia", (Moscow, Vagrius, 1996);
"The Envoy of the Devil", (Moscow, Terra, 1996);
"666", (Moscow, Terra, 1998);
"The Kremlin Ghost's Secret", (Moscow, Helios, 2001);
"666", (Moscow, 2005);
"A NEW KIND FAIRY TALE",- children's book with author's illustrations. Was planned to be one of the books in the series " Writers draw fairy tales ". (ART-Crown, Moscow, 2013).
"The Russian CHRONICLES... for one person",- Russian chronicle of the end of the 20 century.
(ART-Crown, Moscow, 2017).

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